License rules and price

ProReports is offered as Freemium and therefore has limitations.

Annual limit of diagram/graphical reports is set to 5 but simple reports are unlimited. In commercial use this is definitely not enough but you can increase this limit. How to do it read below.

The number of users is unlimited.

The limit can be increased by purchasing a license.

  • In addition, You will receive an access code for training/teaching articles from this site
  • e-mail support.

How You can change annual limit of reports?

Purchase a license(I prefer PayPal.Me, minimum 5000€) and inform me via e-mail (in e-mail inform me about count of years Your cost of license – see below rule calculating the annual report limit).

The rule calculating the annual report limit.

(Cost of license)/(Ratio*Count of Years) + 5 = Annual limit of reports but only for Count of Years.

Cost of licenseRatio
5000 – 10000 €100
10001 – 15000 €70
15001 – 20000 €40
20001 – ∞ €negotiated

for example:

– License for 3 years:

(5000€/(100*3)) + 5 = 22 annual reports for three years 


– License for one year:

(5000€/(100*1)) + 5 = 55 annual reports for one year (next years only 5 report per year)

I will give You the codes back (like below):

CodeValid on


Each code is only valid for one day! As you can see you have a few days to change the limit.

In ProReports launch report AnnualLimitOfReports (ID=273)

If You deleted report you can download this report from this site. After download You must import this report in Your instance of ProReports.

  • Enter the code (corresponding with the date from You table of codes) You received in the form


You will receive one additional report for every (Ratio*1) € per one Year, for example if You pay 5000 € for Year you limit of reports will be 55 reports for one year (5000/(100*1)+5). After year limit will be changed to 5 reports. If You pay 5000 € but for 3 years you limit of reports will be 22 reports per year (5000/(100*3)+5).

Calculation – Cost of license/Ratio/Number of reports per year

  Number of reports per year
Cost of licenseRatio1 year2 years3 years
5000 €100553022
6000 €100653525
7000 €100754028
8000 €100854532
9000 €100955035
 RatioSignificant increase in number of reports per year
10000 €701487653
11000 €701628457
12000 €701769162
13000 €701919867
14000 €7020510572
 RatioSignificant increase in number of reports per year
15000 €40380193130
16000 €40405205138
17000 €40430218147
18000 €40455230155
19000 €40480243163
20000 €40505255172